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Minnesota Contractors Facing Landfill Changes

The demolition and disposal of construction waste that is not reused or recycled is subject to ever-changing regulations. The MPCA plans to amend existing Minnesota Rules governing permits for solid waste landfills impacting groundwater. The current rules do not require Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) landfills to be lined or contain components to reduce potential groundwater contamination. 

An updated rule is now being drafted which will expand the requirements for environmental protection and oversight. The changes will affect demolition and disposal of waste from construction projects, and may have an impact on the availability of financing and insurance. Watch for the upcoming public comment period on the rule to be announced to add your voice and impact the proposed C&D Landfill rulemaking.

Minnesota’s current C&D debris disposal system is not protective of the environment because C&D landfills lack engineered components to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. The MPCA will propose a new demolition landfill rule that requires all landfills: Be lined with leachate collection systems. Be capped with an impermeable cover. Have more stringent operating, location, and closure requirements. Require groundwater monitoring and financial assurance to facilitate proper closure. Mitigate potential future liabilities. The MPCA is also proposing to eliminate the unlined C&D permit by rule facilities.


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