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RICO Suit Filed Against Doctors and New York Personal Injury Attorneys

As hopefully everyone reading this is aware, a lawsuit was recently filed naming several doctors and New York personal injury attorneys alleging violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The suit came after an investigation that was started back in 2020.  

At its core, the suit alleges that a scheme was entered into where the lawyers would coach workers on how to stage accidents in order to then seek treatment through Workers' Compensation and obtain windfall judgments in personal injury suits. As to the doctors, the allegations allege either fictitious diagnoses and/or exaggerated claims of injuries or unnecessary surgery.

The case is still in active litigation, and how the courts will handle the allegations with respect to cross-examination of the doctors is still being handled actively. Please contact Christopher Gioia - if you have any questions about the suit or its implications. This ABC article about the suit offers more detail.

Click the image below to read the complaint. 


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